The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

Review by Shwetha H S

Another of Dan Brown’s mega novel. Another dive into the ocean of history and mystic elements. I have by now read Brown’s three novels, including this. The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, and now The Lost Symbol.

The Lost Symbol is unlike any other novel. You can’t expect to jump a few paragraphs or a page and still catch up on the story to save time and finish the novel soon. You need to read it without missing a sentence to understand the story and its background.

It takes a toll on you. Yes, it does. If you are trying to finish it in a day, at a stretch, on one go, then yes, it will take a toll on you and you won’t be able to enjoy it. Unless, that’s what you actually wanted to do.

As and when you read chapter by chapter, it teaches you a lesson or two for life or remind you of what you had already known, but had forgotten.

About the characters, as usual in Brown’s novels, there are only few. Of course, there has to be Professor Robert Langdon! Apart from him, we have a rich philanthropist Peter Solomon, his scientist sister Katherine Solomon, Warren Bellamy (you shall find out who he is as you read), Senior CIA Administrator Sato and Mal’akh…or is he called Andros…oh wait! He is actually called as…forget it, you shall find out that as well when you read the novel.

Set in Masonic background, this novel talks to you about how science, religion and anatomy of our body are interlinked. It talks about discoveries being rediscovered, hidden secrets and societies. There will be times when you will doze off reading this novel, but there will also be times when you will be reading this, rocking in your chair and Oh My God moments happen! They will blow your mind like BOOM! Through this novel of his, Brown also talks about Noetic Science and Total Liquid Ventilation. He uses Solomon siblings to show us the theories on big picture which we had long forgotten since schooldays, which leaves you mesmerized.

Though it is obvious that Brown has done a lot of research on everything he has used in building this story, you better check the facts once you have completely read it. Yes, after reading because you should not disrupt the enigmatically woven web of this story.

One can simply read this novel for the sake of it or for drawing some moral. I only hope that you imagine what you read as you read.

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