The Chimera Vector by Nathan M Farrugia

Review by Tejas Jayasheel

Who wouldn’t love a classic sci-fi-kill-everyone-in-sight, shoot-duck-run thriller? Even more so if it involves programmed human soldiers with genetically enhanced sensory powers. Nathan M Farrugia’s The Chimera Vector is one such typical action packed thriller that delivers the ever winning novel writing formula – entertainment, in its pure form.

The plot starts with a top secret organization called Fifth Column that controls all the militaries, terrorist organizations and its own elite shock troopers. They stage terrorist strikes around the globe and provide a reason for the existence of militaries and war in an otherwise peaceful environment. All this is to strike fear in people’s heart and to stay in control. They hire the brightest scientists and the technology is far ahead of our time. Once someone enters Fifth Column, they do not leave the organization alive.

An exception/our protagonist Sophia manages to do impossible. She manages to break her programming on her own and escapes the clutches of Fifth column. Well, with a little help from another rebel organization called Akhana. At Akhana, she gets completely deprogrammed and she realizes horrible things that she had done when she was under Fifth column remote control.

However, as we all expect, Fifth column director isn’t a fool and stupid and realizes Sophia is still alive. This is where the Chimera vector makes its majestic appearance. Chimera vector – a gene developed with help of genetic engineering , is the key to turn every psychopath villain in the world sterile thereby eliminating their threat for the future generation. However, it can accidentally induce immortality in those if used improperly. In order to get the Chimera vector, Akhana needs to infiltrate the Fifth Column head quarters and get the codes from a lab.

With double agents, triple agents and quadruple agents, the story gains speed as well as interest to reach an “everything or nothing” type of climax. With a lot of descriptive fights, blazing weapons and flashbangs, this book converges to a page turning and nail biting ending.

Without anything unusual, anything that can stand out, this book becomes just another sci-fi thriller that serves one and only one purpose – entertainment. Onetime read, but if you haven’t read Matthew Reilly, Robert Ludlum or Harlan Coben for that matter, then I would suggest you to go for them first. Meanwhile, I am on the lookout for other novels from the same author. Adios till I find something interesting.


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