The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri

Review by Shwetha H S

“What is in the name?” people ask. It is our first identity when we present ourselves to this world. How do we get our names? We are named by our parents or the next in kin. How do they name us? They pick names for us after something or someone close to their hearts. Rest of our identity is created by us for ourselves, with name as the base. Though the story of The Namesake revolves around this theme, it also manages to make us question our beliefs and principles, not necessarily religious. Jhumpa Lahiri writes in such a manner explaining the minute details that nothing is left to our imagination while reading. Every now and then she makes us realize an already popularly known fact that we only realize the value of something after we lose it. She dwells upon human nature which stems from their respective cultures, but she also tries to make us understand that on the contrary to becoming what we were taught to become, we become what we want to be.



  1. We believe we have posted about the book. If you want one line answer, then here it is. This book is not at all an easy read, it is what we call heavy reading and read it only if you take everything that happens in your life very seriously.


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