Johnny Fracture by Waheed Ibn-e-Musa

Review by Shwetha H S

Is anybody looking for a script that would provide formula for a blockbuster movie to gross money in hundreds of crores? Look no more for you have Waheed Ibn-e-Musa’s Johnny Fracture! It is a perfect blend of action, romance, drama, friendship, loyalty, betrayal and revenge. In fact, I am not feeling like I am reviewing a novel, but a movie.

The story is full of twists and turns. You will be guessing that something is bound to happen next and will be betting on a particular incident, but unexpected happens. It is unpredictable! Another plus point is that there are less number of characters in the story and you can totally remember them all. A total entertainer, good enough to take your mind off the mushy-mushy wishy-washy run-off-the-mill romance novels. Coming to minus points, the story tends to be slow paced in the beginning making the reader wonder when the book will get over and invokes interest pretty late. At some point after the flash back, you cannot understand whether you are confused or the author himself got confused with the characters and you end up with a “meh” feeling. If you wade through these, then you will have a wonderful reading experience. Good story on the whole.


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