Surrogate Author by Santosh Avvannavar and Shilpa Patil

Review by Shwetha H S

Though the title might make you think this book is of a serious theme, it will readily make you laugh. It is a spoof of Devdas with an intention of inspiring authors, new as well as old, to keep on writing. In this story, you will find all the characters from the movie Devdas and a surprise character from the movie Sholay. Here, author is a Devdas and is called Authdas, and Paro is his first book. Rest of the story just unfolds. The core of this book remains concentrated on a single purpose – to encourage authors.

While the concept is good, it is not enough to keep the book away from criticism. In the book, the author (actual one) writes in the Introduction that critics have issues with spelling, story, grammar, etc. I am not critic, but my only issue with this book is it needs editing and proof reading very badly. As of now, this book looks like it has been brought out in a hurry. Once these issues are attended to, this book will emerge as a really humorous read.

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