Progeny of Gods: Vertuém Destiny by Geoffrey Storm

Review by Shwetha H S

So, there’s a planet out there Gran Viaeden. On that planet is a prosperous kingdom called The United Kingdom of Viaeden which is a land of gigantic living beings and normal sized humans. Oh yes, humans have inhabited this planet already and it is the year 1373 in which Greyson Wight and Taymes Hooker are selected and brought to Darakin, a monster of a pine tree which also happens to harbour the whole capital city, by General Theodore Brown for a final round of interview with the King Huey to be his Royal Guards.

Of the two young men, Greyson seems to take everything very seriously and is easily bogged down by his conscience and Taymes is a total badass who doesn’t let his conscience distract him from his goal. They have flying bark ships that dock on gigantic trees that are miles taller than what we have here on earth. When they are assigned an emergency task and screw that up by releasing an evil creature that was confined by a goddess in a humongous tree for more than fifty years, all the hell breaks loose on the kingdom. The story shows Greyson and Taymes trying their best to save their world with help of General Theodore Brown, Samantha O’Nasi and Nash O’Nasi. To add to the chaos, there is vertuém destiny to deal with. What is this vertuém destiny? Does this make good win or the evil? Read Progeny of Gods: Vertuém Destiny by Geoffrey Storm to find out who wins. It is not as obvious as you think.

This book will snap you out of the world of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Hunger Games and Game of Thrones. You shall reprogram yourself and be in awe just by imagining the United Kingdom of Viaeden. However, due to the swear words used in story, I wouldn’t recommend this book to children, but no hindrance to young adults. It is a good blend of science and magic.

Book releases on 9 July 2015. Go grab it!


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