New Sun Rising: Ten Stories by Lindsay Edmunds

Review by Shwetha H S

New Sun Rising: Ten Stories by Lindsay Edmunds is actually a single story with ten chapters and each chapter is narrated by different people who are onlookers of protagonist’s life. This type of narration is what sets this book apart. It has a storyline which will never let you put it down.

Set in 2199, the story starts at a secluded place called Stillwaters, which is a part of the Reunited States. A dystopian world outside its gates, Stillwaters is a matter of curiosity for outsiders. The story revolves around a teenage girl, Kedzie Greer, who leaves her secured life in Stillwater to try and make a life on her own in the out god forsaken world that is governed by e-beasts with help of useless human governors and vigilbots. A naïve Kedzie, who wants to make the world a better place falls victim of its atrocities and then fights against her e-beasts with help of a cult called the Outsiders.

Lindsay Edmunds manages to set chills down your spine and helps you get goosebumps with her description of this dystopian world. If her story comes true, then we will have to actually invent a time machine. Narration is unflawed. She also offers relevant quotes from Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine; the quotes are so relevant that they will make you wonder if she has actually written each chapter to suit that quotes as mentioned in the summary. All in all, no qualms with the story. Lindsay, in fact, makes you think about how you are affecting the future of this world.


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