The Things We Don’t Say Out Loud by Rochelle Walters

Review by Shwetha H S

In this world which is fair to fair people, Rochelle Walters talks about the lives of coloured people in her book The Things We Don’t Say Out Loud. If you are asking how different it is from our lives, then for starters, I shall tell you that the way they speak itself is very different from others. The face hurdles in each and every step of their lives with someone or the other waiting to mislead them always. Irrespective of whether a girl or a boy, they have a hard time growing up. It applies to their lives within and outside their communities. Through this book, through this story, Rochelle Walters has explained the lives of few coloured people of Memphis trying to make it big in this world.

Sheila Burkes is a clinical psychologist and a radio show host, Derek Whitmore is an ex-football player and current owner of restaurants and James Early is a detective. Their lives take a U-turn when secrets from the past lives of two of them come haunting. They have struggled throughout their lives to be where they are now and now scared of what their secrets might do to each other. What are their secrets? What will happen to them? Will they survive or breakdown?

Apart from the little confusion caused by the slang and language that is synonymous with coloured people, Rochelle Walters provides an absolutely brilliant and catchy story to her readers. The emotions described in the story works magic. She has expertly showed how love develops; makes one crave for such feelings. The Things We Don’t Say Out Loud is a heart rendering story. Don’t let go of this story.

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