Verity Xuereb-Smith by Steve Hugh

Verity Xuereb-Smith by Steve Hugh (Book 2)

Review by Shwetha H S

Often we forget that celebrities too are humans and they too need their personal space. They are not public property and they have lives of their own. Revolving around this theme is the story of a yesteryear Gibraltarian actress Verity Xuereb-Smith. Bettina is the journalist who is working on life story of Verity. Their conversation starts at Malaga airport, talking about Verity’s childhood, how she became an actress, how her career turned out to be and so on. Things take a different turn when Bettina touches a sensitive matter of Verity’s life and irks the actress. That is when you realise how similar we all are, irrespective our status. What is this sensitive matter of the actress’ life that almost makes Verity bite Bettina’s head off? Do read to know.

Compared to the first book, Ian Pemberton, in Steve Hugh’s trilogy Verity Xuereb-Smith fares really well. This book doesn’t maintain monotony and manages to keep reader engaged by providing a variety of scenarios in which Verity had worked. Being an actress, though fictional, her life interests us. What makes this second book better than the first one is here we don’t go through the nitty-gritty of finances. Of course, Verity had to deal with her almost-poor state too, but Steve Hugh has managed not to drag it much. This second book is way better than the first one and you can give it a try.


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