Barbara Baker by Steve Hugh

Barbara Baker by Steve Hugh (Book 3)

Review by Shwetha H S

The third book in Steve Hugh’s trilogy is Barbara Baker. If you compare this book with the first two books, then you will agree with me that Barbara Baker has a better storyline. The story revolves around a black woman from Trinidad, who works as a nurse at a hospital in Chelmsford and is also a single mother to a boy. Unfortunate life threatening and financially harassing events lead Barbara to take help of Roy Sterling, brother of one of her colleague and best friend Denise, to get back to normalcy. Years pass by and Barbara’s past doesn’t seem to leave her. She is constantly haunted and threatened by tormetors. But she finds happiness with her now small family of Roy and a son by name Tony. No, no. Roy will not marry her. He is gay. I like the way Steve Hugh has used gay characters in this story. Well, Barbara’s happiness isn’t long-lasting after all and climax on the New Year’s eve. What exactly happens? You will have to read it to know it.

I must say that Steve Hugh has done a very good job with Barbara Baker compared to the very first book, Ian Pemberton. In case you are wondering how all these stories are part of a trilogy if they are individual stories, then let me assure you that all stories are linked in a way that you would get to know when you read them. So, happy new year to you all!


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