A Little More Dead by Sean Thomas Fisher

Review by Tejas J

The zombie apocalypse is far more deadly than one could imagine. Though hypothetical, the circumstance would be sufficiently effective to give goose bumps to an army. Imagine the condition of one normal citizen (technically a group of complete strangers but you get the point) under such a zombie apocalypse and you get “A little more dead” wrapped in shining silver.

One Paul, his wife Sofia and his friend Dan wade through a world full of zombies towards the sunny beaches in South as that is the only goal that can keep them sane in – of course the world full of zombies . Every day they meet strangers who, like them are looking for an exit from the hellish world. Some of them survive; most of them die as they proceed from one state to another cleansing houses from the infected beings to stay for the night, raid gas stations, departmental stores for supplies.

The twists are sudden and would catch you off guard but the repetition of the same old routine everyday would weigh heavy upon the readers. However, the book finds pace after 15 chapters with a story line that is quite thrilling. The writing style is quite unique in a world where chapters explain events happening chronologically or with a phrase “mean while” in bold capital letters. The story line moves back and forth from the day of outbreak – the date on which the family had to quit their home to start running for their lives.

A few quotes would catch your eye and tease your brain like – “Civility was lucky. It died before any of this hell began”. I found quotes from Dan quite good as I have a biased opinion about anything funny. Also lines like – “Herds of longhorns looked to them for help from within their enclosures as the state patrol car flew by without a wave” would explain the condition the protagonist was put into.

Robin Cook’s Contagion explained the mentality of people in a disease stricken country and I find this book slightly inclined towards the same lines. Characters in the book are often at their limits but continue on their journey as there is no other way. It is either fight or die situation for them. A few events pushes the main protagonist towards the cliff of suicide but then, he continues none the less. The sunny beach is something that they all stick to as a goal to survive in the zombie world and that thought would imprint on your mind as well. Definitely a page turner and reader wouldn’t be disappointed by their choice of book.


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