The Recipient by Dean Mayes

Review by Cezan Koby

The recipient makes for an interesting read, making the reader wonder- what sort of story will enfold? Will it turn into a tragedy, thriller or paranormal as the protagonist skips her sleep and nightmares. Whose memories are the dreams made of; Casey’s or someone else’s? The Recipient starts off on a clipped pace, flirting with memory transference, cyber security, organ harvesting and suspense. Yet, at 400+ pages long, it does not succeed in weaving a web strong enough to fend off questions. Why did relationship with Edie turn so sour? What was her role in the entire scheme of things? What about the alter ego – Octogon, rudely used and thrown?  I wish there were additional 50 pages so that all loose ends and vital questions are answered instead of being rushed and hastily tied up with a bow.


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