Unspotted: One Man's Obsessive Search for Africa's Most Elusive Leopard by Justin Fox

Unspotted: One Man’s Obsessive Search for Africa’s Most Elusive Leopard by Justin Fox

Review by Vijaya Raghava

Unspotted is an easy one hour read that gives you glimpses of the ‘Mystical Cape Mountain Leopard’. Mystical because the people of Cape Town know they exist but no one has ever really spotted them. Make an exception to that. Quinton Martins has been studying about these beautiful creatures for over a decade and making efforts to reduce human-animal conflict. He also founded Cape Leopard Trust to further this effort. The author travels to Cape Town to meet Quinton and have a sighting of the leopards. In this book, he gives first hand account of Quinton’s efforts. The book is written in a very informal tone and it rather feels like reading a blog. While I enjoyed reading this book, being uninitiated in South Africa’s geography, I spent a lot of time on the internet trying to learn more about the places the author was trying to describe.


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