Interview with Aarohi Brar

First author interview on We Read That Too (WRTT) is of Aarohi Brar (AB), who is the author of a romance novel Pluviophile.

WRTT: We know that you are an author. As what kind of an author would you introduce yourself?

AB: I like to think of myself as an author who writes fiction. Romantic fiction at that.

WRTT: What do you do apart from writing?

AB: Apart from writing, I love to read, travel, cook and listen to music.

WRTT: What genres of books do you read?

AB: Anything that falls under the category of fiction, romance, contemporary, young adult, new adult, thrillers, comedy, historical fiction and others of the ilk.

WRTT: Given a chance, how would you describe Pluviophile in just one sentence?

AB: From a refreshing drizzle to excruciating heat; and back.

WRTT: Being a resident of India, what prompted you to write a story which takes place in USA?

AB: The only reason that comes to mind is that nearly all the romance books I have read so far have been based in the US. So, probably when this story came to my mind, I imagined both lead characters to be Americans.

WRTT: What inspired you to write a romance novel?

AB: This might sound cliched, but I am in love with the very idea of love. I find it gratifying. When I first realized that I wanted to be an author, I decided that the first book I ever write would be a love story.

WRTT: With which romance novel would you like to compare Pluviophile?

AB: I like to think of all novels to be unique in their own way. Drawing comparisons only defeats that purpose.

WRTT: Apart from Pluviophile, name any one romance novel which you would suggest your readers?

AB: Bright Side by Kim Holden. Simply because, it is more than just a romance novel.

WRTT: Are there any other works of yours in the pipeline?

AB: All I’m going to say is, don’t think the characters from Pluviophile have said goodbye for good. They haven’t. Especially not Alex and Haskell.

WRTT: Anything else that you would like your readers to know?

AB: Just that other than being a writer, I am also a book reviewer. I love to read and post my honest reviews on my blog, as well on my facebook page; the link to which is and twitter username is @AarohiBrar