Cheryl Strayed

Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed

Review by Shwetha H S

Don’t go by the title of this book. And definitely not by the whole cover of this book! You may find some of your unasked questions answered by Dear Sugar inside this book. Before this book, a collection of her advice to random people came out, Cheryl Strayed had already authored her bestseller Wild. But that is not what we would be discussing about. We would be discussing her role as an Agony Aunt of digital era.

People expected an honest, life transforming advice from her; she who had been in all sorts of situations that you can think of at this moment. And they got it. She didn’t suggest them anything impossible. She only suggested them things which they already knew they had to do to change their lives. And in that, Dear Sugar used no sugar-coated words in advising struggling humans.

Her replies to the troubled seekers were most of the time like a snap of fingers in front of their faces. Most of the time? Yes, because sometimes it was a slap in their faces. Now, did you ask me why she wrote in such a way? As said in this book, it is a memoir with an agenda. Because she is someone who has been there.

As and when you read each reply, you are forced to imagine Dear Sugar either sitting next to you and talking in a calm and contended way or pacing in your reading room talking to you while you timidly look at her without opening your mouth.

Each seeker has a story behind his or her question. Together, they were Cheryl Strayed.