Don’t Hit Me

Don’t Hit Me by Vanessa de Largie

Review by Shwetha H S

To put in simple words, Don’t Hit Me by Vanessa de Largie makes you ask so many questions to yourself about domestic violence. Why did that woman get into such relationship? Why isn’t she getting out of such relationship? What is stopping her to leave that abusive man? Questions like that will flood your mind while you are reading this book. You will also wonder if this is limited to abusive marriages or applies to any abusive relationship. I am proud of Vanessa and also thankful to her for bringing out this book which might encourage other helpless woman to get out of their abusive relationships.

This book is not in any conventional form of narration. Do not expect detailed description of what happened and what Vanessa went through. This book has her journal entries which are in the form of poems, quotes and paragraphs; one in each page. These are enough to give an idea of how Vanessa’s life was.

I recommend every woman to read Don’t Hit Me by Vanessa de Largie.