Dr Hari Parameshwar

Blinks in Blackout by Dr. Hari Parameshwar

Blinks in Blackout by Dr. Hari Parameshwar

Review by Shwetha H S

Genre: Fiction, Spiritual
ISBN: 938404356-7
Imprint: Good Times Books Pvt. Ltd., India

Dr. Hari Parameshwar is an India author who has written books such as Many Paths Many Answers, Chase of Choices and The Pillar Invisible. He is also a management consultant and an expert in airport infrastructure. Blinks in Blackout is his fourth book.

Vikram Purohith is a corporate bigwig who takes a long leave to go on a vacation since the last time which he doesn’t remember. Due to miscommunications and freak turn of events, he is unable to go on the vacation where he is supposed to meet his estranged wife and daughter one last time before his divorce. Back home, he slips over spilled water, falls down the stairs with nobody, even his household staff, to help him. His conscience is working, but he doesn’t know whether he is dead or just unconscious. What happens next is the story you get in Blinks in Blackout.

Though the theme is of corporate life and how it changes everything, there is a good share of spirituality, morale and ethics too in Blinks in Blackout, just like in other books by Dr. Hari Parameshwar. Narration by the author is good as usual but the book needs a lot of editing to be done. Also what might bother the reader is the elaboration of the concept or theme that could be explained in a few words or pages. All in all, Blinks in Blackout is a good one-time read.

The Pillar Invisible by Hari Parameshwar

The Pillar Invisible by Hari Parameshwar

Review by Shwetha H S

Everybody has a past. Whatever it might be, nobody can judge your past to be good or bad, except you. What you learn from it and how you use it to make your future will define your being. Guilt is not something a third person can make you feel. It is the awakening of your conscience by your own deeds. The Pillar Invisible by Hari Parameshwar is a story of three accomplished men whose conscience takes them on a journey of setting their lives for the betterment of the society.

Satyaki Satyanath, a corporate honcho. Rajaseshu Narasimhaiah, an industrialist and a king-maker. Thomas Chandy Ambadan, a successful businessman. They all encounter death in unexpected ways. Their experiences in the face of death bring them close to a mysterious entity that guides them and brings them together. The story is spiritualistic as well as thrilling. The author has managed to blend the goodness of philosophy and spirituality, and has served to you by garnishing it with a hint of mythology. It is not a fun read; can become heavy on your mind due to the theme of the book. Nonetheless, a very good concept to make today’s rat race participants understand what is important in life.

Chase of Choices by Dr Hari Parameshwar

Review by Shwetha H S

You would have often heard troubled people saying “put yourself in my shoes, you will know what I am going through.” What these people don’t know is nobody can take another’s place and each and everyone has their individuality in this small world. The only effort a person can put is in the manner of empathy and the same empathy is problematic in the Chase of Choices’ protagonist’s life as he is too empathizing. This book also unravels how a normal person behaves when faced with more than necessary options or when cornered in life with no options at all. This book lives up to its title in every aspect.

Author narrates the story with the day-to-day life experiences and nothing out of the world. No glitches and the author has not gone out of his way and created a story which readers can’t relate to. It is a simple yet complicated story which will surely leave you wondering, about the choices you made in your life, after you read the ending of the book. Through this book, the author emphasizes that after any human being goes through a rough time in life, he or she turns to either the sensitive extreme or indifference extreme. It is such a delicate story that I feel the mere mentioning of the characters’ names will turn into spoiler as there are no unnecessary characters. In the narration, no big and complex words are used making it easier to the readers to go with the flow. There are absolutely no minus points of this story, but a major plus point are the insights or philosophies given at the end of each chapter. They are precious. Don’t miss reading this book.