Dr.Kartik H

Future Track India: Blueprint for a Dynamic India by Dr.Kartik H

Review by Shwetha H S

I guess many of you have heard our elders using two common lines often and pointing at us; one, “you are the future of this country” and two, “this generation has gone to the dogs.” It is another thing that they also say “Nothing good will happen with this country.” With the book, Future Track India: Blueprint for a Dynamic India, Dr.Kartik H proves our elders wrong. In this book, he explains various concepts which if implemented, can help in boosting our economy as well as our relationship with neighbouring countries. He has touched every field in which India has to improve.

When you open this book, you might get daunted by its textbook-like appearance. Once you start reading it, you will appreciate the author’s point of view. But, there are ideas about which the reader might feel that the author must have thought more. For example, he talks about a network of pipelines to transport petroleum oil and other lubricants and also mentions that the same model can be used to transport milk from one part of the country to another. Being a food technologist by profession, when I read it, I felt that this model is not feasible for transportation of milk as it is a perishable food and needs temperature controlled environment when being transported for long time and distance. If pipelines are used for transportation of milk, then those long and huge pipelines need to be flushed with suitable cleaning agents at suitable intervals which are uneconomical. Those pipelines have to be maintained at lower temperatures which again contribute to the cost. This model can even lead to loss of milk. I am not saying this is bad, but this way, Dr.Kartik’s ideas not only suggest ideas to improve our country, but also make readers think about them, just like I was made to think more. He invites us also to think about our country.

Apart from certain ideas which need to be thought more about, Dr.Kartik H provides brilliant concepts that should be considered by the people leading our nation.