Holly Caster

Cape May by Holly Caster

Cape May by Holly Caster

Review by Shwetha H S

When we hear about a love story, we usually think it must be of another romance novel with young beautiful people. We are so used to them that we never think that even older people can have love life. We seldom come across love stories which have senior citizens as protagonists. Luckily we have Cape May by Holly Caster. Absolutely no young or teenage characters in this book. Also this story has very few characters, so that you don’t get confused with one another.

So, what is the story about? It is about an elderly woman, Joanna Matthews, who is about to turn sixty and is not happy with her life. She has a steady job and a loving and supportive husband, Brian, but she feels unaccomplished. She plans on quitting her job to start a bed and breakfast, so she goes to Cape May in search of a good property to go ahead with her plan. Her normal and in-control life turns upside down when she meets Michael. What happens next? I am not telling any more.

Cape May is not your usual love story with raging hormones, raunchy making outs and mindless sex. This shows you what goes on in the lives of older people, the issues they face and their problems. You won’t feel even a little bit uneasy while reading this novel. You will fall in love with one of the characters for sure.