Mack Moyer

Sketches of the Wigwam by Mack Moyer

Review by Shwetha H S

Honestly, I had to remind myself again and again not to leave this book half read. This book drags itself and makes you regret even starting to read it. Till you reach the middle of the story, there is nothing but self-loathing of a drunkard, his issues with himself and his girlfriend, and bickering between him and his one and only cousin. This is horrifying enough. You might even start thinking that all the scary things that are gonna happen in this story might be just inside the his inebriated head. It is only after half of the story that things start happening; Wigwam the monster starts attacking and the zombie twins try to help.

The only silver lining of this story is the second half, when the horrifying things start happening. Rest of it is a dud. What probably would have been better off as a short story, has been literally dragged into a novel. Another downfall for this is lack off back story for the Wigwam. I mean, why is it even there? How did it even get created? Why is it having zombie pets? No explanations given. But, the ending is refreshing for a horror story; it has no happy ending!