Interview with Aarohi Brar

First author interview on We Read That Too (WRTT) is of Aarohi Brar (AB), who is the author of a romance novel Pluviophile.

WRTT: We know that you are an author. As what kind of an author would you introduce yourself?

AB: I like to think of myself as an author who writes fiction. Romantic fiction at that.

WRTT: What do you do apart from writing?

AB: Apart from writing, I love to read, travel, cook and listen to music.

WRTT: What genres of books do you read?

AB: Anything that falls under the category of fiction, romance, contemporary, young adult, new adult, thrillers, comedy, historical fiction and others of the ilk.

WRTT: Given a chance, how would you describe Pluviophile in just one sentence?

AB: From a refreshing drizzle to excruciating heat; and back.

WRTT: Being a resident of India, what prompted you to write a story which takes place in USA?

AB: The only reason that comes to mind is that nearly all the romance books I have read so far have been based in the US. So, probably when this story came to my mind, I imagined both lead characters to be Americans.

WRTT: What inspired you to write a romance novel?

AB: This might sound cliched, but I am in love with the very idea of love. I find it gratifying. When I first realized that I wanted to be an author, I decided that the first book I ever write would be a love story.

WRTT: With which romance novel would you like to compare Pluviophile?

AB: I like to think of all novels to be unique in their own way. Drawing comparisons only defeats that purpose.

WRTT: Apart from Pluviophile, name any one romance novel which you would suggest your readers?

AB: Bright Side by Kim Holden. Simply because, it is more than just a romance novel.

WRTT: Are there any other works of yours in the pipeline?

AB: All I’m going to say is, don’t think the characters from Pluviophile have said goodbye for good. They haven’t. Especially not Alex and Haskell.

WRTT: Anything else that you would like your readers to know?

AB: Just that other than being a writer, I am also a book reviewer. I love to read and post my honest reviews on my blog, as well on my facebook page; the link to which is and twitter username is @AarohiBrar

Pluviophile by Aarohi Brar

Review by Shwetha H S

Pluviophile is a love story that would make you cuddle. You know it is going to be what you are thinking on your mind, but how is the question that keeps you reading it till the end. This love story with quite a few twists and turns as well as a fitting title is a perfect read during this monsoon.

What is exceptional about this story is the way it is narrated; two people narrating their point of view of the same story without clashing with each other is not only unique, but also saves people from exaggerating on the other’s point of view. This kind of narration reminds me of Jhumpa Lahiri’s story of Hema and Kaushik in her book of short stories called Unaccustomed Earth. Another plus point is fewer characters; it doesn’t burden your brain to remember to many characters and what they do. The number of characters is so less that you can count them on your fingers.

The one and only thing that is bothering me about Juliet’s emotions depicted in this story is how she can get involved with Derek while she is newly widowed, still genuinely mourning the death of her beloved husband, find out who Derek is and again go back to mourning about her dead husband. Let’s just blame it on her vulnerable situation. Apart from this, every other character is relatable. Pluviophile won’t disappoint you.