Rabbi Drew Aldala

Assault in Forgotten Alley by David Y.B. Kaufmann

Review by Sandeep

Assault in Forgotten Alley – Happens to be an investigation into the assault on a young boy in a Jewish Alley. Main people involved in the investigation include James McCallum, the detective and his friend, Rabbi Drew Aldala. Alongside the investigation of the assault, the author provides a lot of insight into the personal lives of James McCallum and Drew Aldala. The author introduces many characters each of whom could have a motive to carry out the assault on the young boy, which in turn deepens the mystery and the motive behind the attack, thus keeping the reader guessing till the end.
Throughout the book I was guessing whether it could be a racially motivated attack or whether its got something to do with jealousy or if its a drug deal which has gone wrong or something else. The cause of assault turns out to be a brilliant surprise, very well thought of and researched by the author.
I enjoyed reading this book, but its not one of those books which hurried upon me to finish. I took time to complete this book, since some of the Jewish traditions mentioned in the book were totally new to me. As a result, I had to refer a dictionary. Also the plot gets diluted as some of the details mentioned do not play a crucial role in the investigation.
Rating 3.5 /5.