Warrior by Olivier Lafont

Warrior by Olivier Lafont

Review by Shwetha H S

Set in the backdrop of apocalypse, this must be one of the first novels to be written addressing this theme and set it in India. Thanks to Olivier Lafont, we have an Indian version of Doomsday, which he addresses as End of the Days. Warrior is a very gripping story which Indians for once can relate to instead of imagining the movie 2012.

We have here the last remaining son of Lord Shiva. His name is Saam. When the Enemy announces the beginning of the process for End of the Days, everybody goes berserk. The Peerless, a group formed by demigods who are abandoned by their Godly parents and don’t have much power left, look up to Saam to mediate between Lord Shiva and rest of the world to save themselves. But Saam refuses to help them as he knows that his father won’t listen to him. To make things worse, he get embroiled in petty wars with supporters of the Enemy. He ultimately gets drawn into the core of this apocalyptic matter due to one situation leading to another. There are many other people to get the story interesting. They are Saam’s human girlfriend Maya, his half brother Ara the Spider, his friend Lalbaal, a scholar Fazal, Ara’s friends Fateh and Moti the Pearl. Through this story, Olivier Lafont takes us on a journey in a Quantensplatschiff sailing from one world to another. All these days we were reading Greek gods and demigods. Now we get to read about Hindu gods and demigods. This book shows our mythology in new light. You even get to read about savvy Ketan, the king of serpent people. But who is this Enemy?

Except a small confusion in the narration about Ramayan and Mahabharath, there is no flaw in the story. You will actually be left wondering what to learn and unlearn. Go for Warrior! You will not be disappointed.