Second Person

Poet Robot: An Introduction to E I Wong by E I Wong

Poet Robot: An Introduction to E I Wong by E I Wong

Review by Shwetha H S

I must say I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Not even a few pages into this and I was like this is good! Poet Robot is set in three segments: A Narcissist Writes Letters to Himself, The Second Person and Tin Lion.

A Narcissist Writes Letters to Himself is less of poems and more of ranting to himself. In this segment, Woodsman, A Shrill Shriek Follows Me and Inner Peace will definitely make you laugh. Blackbeard, Seeking Insurance, Uncovers the Pirate Paradox will seem to be vague until you reach the end of it where you will understand the whole poem, or not. The language in this segment of the book might be offensive to many people, but let’s just assume that it is not for everybody.

The Second Person has one long poem called Episode 1: Hello, Apprentice. Well, it is more of a short story than a poem. The author/poet has tried to make it reek of sarcasm, but it isn’t.

Tin Lion is actually funny and has enough sarcasm to make it funny. Orthodox Christians, please stay away from this segment. It is for your own good. At the end of this segment as well as the book, the author mentions in the footnote “When reviewing this book, please make sure you mention that these are the literal views and opinions of every single godforsaken San Franciscan and anyone affiliated with said San Franciscan. I speak for them now.” This is very much questionable.

This book is good for one-time read.