The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Review by Shwetha H S

“When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dreams.” This is a great quote from the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, and is the theme as well. This book, having inspired many people to enjoy their lives and go with the flow, has been interpreted in many ways. This was originally written in Portuguese and later translated into many languages from across the world.

A story of a boy from a well-to-do family becoming a shepherd to travel and see places instead of becoming a priest, and learning the truth about nature, The Alchemist is a soul-searching journey and a treasure hunt. The boy travels to the Pyramids from Spain in search of treasure based on his recurrent dreams. What happens next is what his journey constitutes of. Through the descriptions about reading the omens, the author encourages the readers to start trusting their gut instincts instead of others. The author talks about the principle of favourability, the Universe and beginner’s luck. The author also talks about how help arrives when required and not all the time. That is how he teaches “Ask and you shall receive.” As per the author, there is always a reward for going by your instincts and enjoying life as it comes. Apart from the reward, you get to be one with the nature.

The Alchemist is a story, which touches your heart, told in a simple way; way too simple that nobody misses understanding what Paulo Coelho wants to tell you. The descriptions are not excruciating and are just enough to give you an idea if you are good with imagination. Absolutely no nonsense. This book will be your go-to book sooner or later.

Ian Pemberton by Steve Hugh

Ian Pemberton by Steve Hugh (Book 1)

Review by Shwetha H S

Ian and Madeleine Pemberton is a British couple fed up of their humdrum lives in Leicester. Ian is a shy man and Madeleine is an arrogant and boisterous woman. But they care about each other and each other’s dreams. And that is why Madeleine supports Ian’s idea of move to Spain and they start their own business. So how do they go about with this idea? What happens to them? Will they survive in a foreign land? Read this book only if you find this blurb interesting.

What could have been a short story has been dragged into a novel. This book gives its’ readers complete details about how to start a business in Spain and also manages to bore the reader to the core. So much so that he or she might want to cry. The author has tried his best to give enough description and cater to reader’s imagination, but it all goes over the top and leaves the reader feeling meh. Ian is too sweet and his wife, Madeleine, is so damn annoying. Read this book at your own risk.

Ian Pemberton is the first book in Steve Hugh’s trilogy.