Second Heart by Dr. Sandeep G Huilgol and Santosh Avvannavar

Review by Shwetha H S

Second Heart is not about organ donation or claiming myths about second-hand heart. It talks about the pair of kidneys in every human being that too help in regulating blood and its flow. Therefore, kidneys are termed as our second heart. This book is a compilation of five short stories that tell you why it is important to take care of your kidney’s health too.

Unforgotten Love, Love That Returned and Faith is a story of a doctor, who ignored his own health and lost his kidney functionalities. Hope tells us about various ways in which kidney can fail. Love, War and Faith reminds you not to ignore any illness symptoms. God, Freewill and Lucifer: Battle Ground shows what happens if you take your body for granted and abuse it. Shalom is about a girl who is thrown into human trafficking. All the stories have a situation that lead to kidney failure except Shalom. This last story is an odd-man-out in this compilation and you will feel like it has been forcibly stuffed here in this book. There is moral in every story. A good one time read.

Vietnam Vengeance by Keith Kluis

Review by Shwetha H S

To raise awareness among others about the plight of Vietnam war veterans, Keith Kluis has written Vietnam Vengeance: One Divided by Two. As the name says, it is a story of vengeance by two war veterans, Paul Grayson and Christopher Stone, who plot looting the money made by all those who were pro war. Things take a different turn when Ellen Nantucket, who is grieving the loss of her brother Steve in Vietnam war, enters their lives; one life at a time. Unable to wait for Paul’s plan to take care of their intentions, Christopher plots his own revenge plan without informing even his friend. What happens next is for you to know.

The story is very slow and takes a toll on you in the beginning. Just when the story starts to become interesting, it is rushed. A lot of characters are introduced just for one or two appearances. The phase of changes in Christopher’s personality is also rushed. Otherwise, this book will make a fine one-time read.