Wild America

Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned by Wells Tower

Review by Venkatesha M

I had been searching for a good story collection on Quora and I found this book title interesting. I must say that you will not know about the 9 different stories covered in the book by just looking at the title. It’s a modern day fiction portraying broken marriages, unsuccessful men, troubled times, adolescence and so on.

Wells Tower has been successful to mark his way of narration and style of writing. I enjoyed the language and clear sentences throughout the book. You will get to see a second person narrative too. Most of the stories are about sad people; however emotions are captured well without much exaggeration. Being an American writer, author has tried to cover the American culture or the current lifestyle.

My favorites from the book are “Leopard”, “Down Through the Valley” and “Wild America”. Last story which is the title story is about Vikings which you might want to skip if you are not interested. I refrain myself from talking about other stories and leave it to you to explore.