We are Readers. Irrespective of how often or what we read, we are readers. For us, “We Are What We Read.” A lot of stuff is read and a lot assimilated every single day. And there are so many readers out there….one of them might be sitting right next to you while you are reading this. As kids, we were taught “Sharing is Caring.” This is absolutely right in case of any reader at any given point of time. We have to share either books or thoughts about books which were recently read. You see, we can’t get our dose of sleep otherwise.

So, here we are, doing this selfishly selfless deed of sharing our reviews about any book, except academic stuff, which was read recently by one of us. You too can mail a review by you of any non academic book, irrespective of time of its release.

The initiative is to promote reading books, especially books written in regional languages. We are not saying that we won’t post your review if it is of any English novel, but we would be glad (so much so that we might start favoring you) if your review is of any book written in any regional language. Added bonus if your review is in the same regional language!

We will be waiting for you to mail us your reviews! We have made it easy for you to find us by giving necessary details on Looking For Us?


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