Gotcha! The Subordination of Free Will by Eldon Taylor

Gotcha! The Subordination of Free Will by Eldon Taylor

Review by Sagar K V

It’s an interesting book for conspiracy theory enthusiasts. The author has backed all the facts with enough references.

I know few things mentioned in the book; there are few things which are really hard to believe but makes some sense. The book talks about side effects of vaccination, and polio vaccine is not exactly responsible for Polio’s decline. Not sure if I should believe it or not. Not only about vaccines, there lot of things I took for granted and this book makes me question them all. But as the book says, I’ve to think, analyse and question everything… I’m doing the same about the book.

I love mystery, conspiracy and I’d like to believe there is something extra in this world; book feeds my curiosity. I was happy that I’m already aware of many things mentioned in the book..

The book is all about US, hardly few mentions about other countries. It makes me think, if the so called developed nation has so many problems, issues and conspiracies or whatever you’d like to call them, what about developing and underdeveloped countries? Or is it like smaller nations are lot more simpler?

I’ve given myself an assignment of looking out and finding gotchas in every news article I consume.

Over all, a good read. I would rate this book 3.5 out of 5.

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